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Airflow obstruction, thermostat glitch, clogged dirty filters or even as simple cause as lack of maintenance can render a heater faulty let alone any other intricate problems such as ignition issues. We install heating systems in Sacramento with utmost care and make sure that there remains a zilch possibility of any issues arising in the future.


Mike-Mechanical offers you plentiful ventilation options such as Exhaust ventilation systems, Supply ventilation systems, Balance ventilation systems, and Heat Recovery systems. This gives you the freedom to pick the perfect ventilation system that aligns with your budget and is just right for your house.

Air conditioning

Mike-Mechanical’s air conditioning services are celebrated for their supreme quality and relentless customer support. Whether it’s new air conditioner installation, scheduled maintenance or a complete overhaul, we guarantee you we’re the best Air Conditioning service in entire of Sacramento.

Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning

For customers looking for ductless heating & air conditioning install ,repair and/or maintenance, Mike-Mechanical has got you covered. Installation of Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning systems is quick and pretty easy, you can get it installed under as less as a day.

$59.00 Service Call