Questions You Should Ask an AC Repairing Company Before Hiring

Questions You Should Ask an AC Repairing Company Before Hiring

Questions You Should Ask an AC Repairing Company Before Hiring

Today, Air Conditioning has moved from being a luxury to a necessity. When it comes to heating or cooling services, you need to place them in the hands of capable Air Conditioning Service Rancho Cordova. With the right company, all your heating and cooling problems can be easily sorted.

The question remains, who do you trust your Air Conditioner with? It is very important that the company you entrust your AC with is well versed with your equipment and is in the business for a while now.

Here are a few questions that you ask an ac repairing company before hiring.

For how many years have you been in the business?

A company that has experience along with long-term workers is a better option than an inexperienced company. Air Conditioning Repair Placerville CA companies have around 20 years of experience and their team members have been a part of the same organization for years.

Do you accept upfront payment?

Upfront payments are always better than hourly payments. It is because even if the hourly pay is reasonable, you are never sure how many hours the repair work may go into. The cumulative cost may add up to a lot. Paying upfront provides a sense of security and you will know that the AC repair company is honest about its work.

Are you insured and Licensed?

You should not settle for anything less than a yes for this one. If the company is not insured, then you were being liable for any damage caused to the ac by the company during repair work. Air Conditioning Repair Sacramento CA companies are insured and are NATE certified, which means that they are professionals who are qualified to service your AC.

Can you name a few references?

If the company is credible and has been in the business for years, they will have no problem in sharing who they have worked with earlier. You can research about them and get some idea on what their experience with Air Conditioning Repair Roseville has been like.

Do you offer AC maintenance plans?

Air Conditioning Repair El Dorado Hills companies offer HVAC maintenance programs. Air conditioning equipment subjected to proper annual maintenance works more efficient and requires lesser repair work. Some HVAC programs even offer discounts on the repair work.

Will you offer a written estimate?

It is important that the ac repairs company provide a written estimate of the particulars involved. Also, do not fall for the trap of ‘low estimate is a better estimate’. The quality of work might be compromised on. No matter how low the estimate is if the company does not have the years, license, certificates, reference and plans you are looking for, dump them. Quality over quantity always works best.


Do proper research work before you zero in on the final company to take over the repair works. Ask your relatives or friends if they have any company in mind, and what their experience has been like working with them. Get in touch with the AC repairing company over call or schedule a face to face meeting to have all your doubts cleared.

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